Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Long Time, No Post

O.k. O.k. So I know that it has been forever since my last post, but in my defense I am on vacation and want to wait to get pictures on until I get home. We have been gone for the last three weeks visiting both of our families and making a quick family trip to the Oregon to follow. Hopefully next week. Or maybe the week after that since next week I will be gone at girls camp.
So, to make it all up to you, I have decided to share some news.
We are expecting baby number three.
I know that sharing via blog post is not the proper way to handle things. A little un-personal and not so exciting. However, we have finally told all of our families, and let's face it, the third time around just doesn't seem as exciting when it's already happened twice before. (Am I horrible for saying that?) So nobody be upset for not getting person phone calls or emails. This just shows that I love you all the same.
I am due on December 27th. I Christmas, right? And so far things are going really well....I didn't throw up once this time, if you can believe it.
So horray for us, we are excited to add baby number three to our family....hopefully it's a girl this time.

(P.S. I better get more comments about this than I did when I posted about getting a dog.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008


The birthday boy turns 2

The cakeThe present

Ty gave him a new 'Cars' hat (he kind of looks like a NASCAR fan, don't you think?)

Jay loved his car birthday cake- he even picked out the cars to go on top

Jay had a great birthday today. He couldn't wait to open his presents, he kept running around telling us "I two now." He was also so exctied for the balloons that he got to play with. We got him a jump-o-lene that he seems to like, (until it pops, at least) some new pajamas, a new shirt, and Tyler got him a new hat. He loved it all and most especially he liked eating his cake and very chocolate ice cream. I should have gotten a picture, but didn't. He was pretty dang messy.

Happy Birthday Jay!! We love you!!