Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last night was haircut night at our house. Last year I finally bit the bullett and decided I better learn how to cut some hair. With three guys (soon to be four) at my house, I figured I would save a TON of money through the years with this small talent. So thanks to my friend Megan for the lesson. We have a wedding to go to for Kev's brother in a couple of weeks and my little boys were looking kind of shaggy. Here's the results...not too shabby if I do say so myself. I know It's pathetic to post about haircuts, but with Jay's surgery behind us we are pretty darn boring people now.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Under the Knife

My little Jay man had his surgery today. We were told by our doctor that it was a simple routine short 20 minute surgery. So I was prepared for like maybe two hours at the hospital between getting him prepped and the actual surgery. Not so my friends. I guess I don't really know how everything works at the hospital, but I was there for 5 hours. Holy toledo. I didn't figure in the post-op, and the getting his blood pressure checked every 15 minutes and then making sure he urinated before he went home. Who knew that getting tubes in and adenoids out was such a time consuming thing? He was a champ though. They let him keep the mask that was used for his anesthetic because apparently he thought it was awesome. I only had my phone with me though, so I have no pictures on my camera to post. They did give him some medicine before his surgery that made him a little woozy and goofy. He was laughing at nothing, at one of the last things he did was turn to look at me and he says " what's up, my nizzle?" Thanks to Uncle Keith for teaching him that phrase. Anyway, he is recovering well, and as soon as he stops vomiting we will be back in business.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Three Sons

So I finally had my ultra-sound yesterday to find out the sex of our baby. And.....we are having another boy. Can I get some pink in my house please?! I am being outnumbered pretty severely here people. We are excited though. I had a dream last week that we were going to have a snake. So I told the doctor yesterday that I would take a boy over a snake any day. Now my big task is sorting all of our old boy stuff to find what is still good and use-able. Our other two boys were born in the summer, so we may need to buy more clothes than we think. Warm p.j.'s-here we come! We also have the task of finding a name we both like. I am not a huge fan of trying to pick boy names. Any suggestions?
We also had to take Jay to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor yesterday. Aparently he needs to get tubes put in his ears and his adnoids taken out. So that's what I'll be doing next Friday. Sounds like fun huh? He started stuttering when he talked about a month ago, and last week he stopped talking at all. So we figured we better get him checked out. The doctor put him on a pretty strong antibiotic for an ear infection he can't seem to shake, and also on some steroids. (that made him puke.) Luckly for us, he is off the steroids now (since they made him puke), and the antibiotices helped him enough that he can hear better now, which has stopped the stuttering. Now he is back to his old chatty self, talking about "CARS" all the time, and fighting with Ty.
I'm thinking now that the not talking may have been better than I thought.

Tyler Turns 5!

Ty had his 5th birthday on Sunday. I can't believe he is that old! He couldn't wait for church to get over that morning so he could come home and celebrate his birthday. Kev's cousin Sara and her family came from Pocatello to celebrate with us. Ty and Jay love playing with their kids and they all had a blast Sunday. It poured all afternoon and evening Sunday which made for a comfy, cool time in the house. Ty loved all of his presents, the hit of the day being his new set of golf clubs. He's already been practicing in the backyard and he can't wait to go try them out on the "old man" golf course this weekend. He informed me yesterday that his favorite club is the driver, "cause it makes my ball go way farther than my other club". He also got a nerf gun from his cousins, which he loves, and has played with non-stop since Sunday. I tried to make a golf cake (requested by Ty), but my golf ball and tee looked more like an ice cream cone. I think it may have helped if I would have frosted the ball white instead of pink, but he wanted it pink...go figure. Anyhow..Happy Birthday Ty, We love you!