Wednesday, November 21, 2007


well, we got our first snowfall last night. Actually, we did have a freak snow storm at the end of September, but I think it is here to stay this time

My family is here for Thanksgiving. It is nice to not have to drive anywhere, but we will miss seeing everybody from home.

Brandon and Tyler showing off their matching BYU attire

And I just had to put on a picture of Jay-It's only fair.


Monday, November 12, 2007

My Small Town

I know that sometimes I complain about living in such a small town- but here are some pictures to show why I LOVE my small town.
I love these old rustic fence lines,they just seem so..simple.

Really,can you beat the sun setting over the mountains? O.K., so the beach might top it,but this in definately the next best thing.

This is just really random-cows crossing the rivers wherever they want. It just seemed so funny to me that I had to take a picture.

Fall here is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I should have taken pictures when the leaves were changing colors-they are so bright! But I think I like the leaves off of the trees better.

My new dishwasher

Is it really pathetic when the most exciting thing in your life is a new dishwasher? My old one was finally on the fritz. Even though it was really old,and yellow,we decideed to keep it when we bought our house-hey-it still worked. Well,not so much anymore. It was making a weird "ka-clunk" sound and the heat element stunk really bad when it was in the dry cycle. So my poor little dishwasher had to go. Our first kitchen upgrade-what a big milestone in our lives. Ha Ha.

The old yellow monster-I will say that it matched our cupboards nicely.

The new dishwasher-now our cupboards and counter tops look REALLY old and bad,but hey-one thing at a time right?

Kevin,who is not much of a handyman,(it's o.k. to say that,because he knows it) had someone from church come and help install the new dishwasher. How hard could it be,right? Well, apparently it can be pretty difficult. The people who lived here before us replaced the kitchen floor,and instead of laying new vinyl over the existing flooring,they just built a new floor. The only problem was that they built the floor around the dishwasher, so it was pretty stuck. There was no room to pull it out,so they had to saw the legs off and pull it out. Which meant they had to saw the legs off the new dishwasher just to be able to fit it back into the slot. What a mess-a 45 min job turned into 4 hours. However, I no longer have to listen to a "ka-klunk" sound,my dishes are sparkly clean,and my new dishwasher is "oh,so quiet".

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Little "Idiots"

Tyler wanted to have an art project to do yesterday. All I could come up with, spur-of-the moment, were Indian hat things. I traced the boys' hands to use as the "feathers" and let them color a headband to connect them to. Tyler thought it was pretty cool. They had fun doing it,and it took them away from the t.v. for awhile. The only bad thing was that Ty kept calling them "idiot" hats. He didn't really know what indians were, and I guess idiots is the only word he knows that sounds like indian. It was pretty funny. All day long I had to keep making him say "indian".

I am pretty sure Jay is coloring the chair here.
You can't even see the hats here,but Tyler has a great face in this one

Jay kept taking his off, and putting it on the pumpkins. And yes-I do still have jack-o-lanterns on my porch.

Ty was so proud of his,he even wore it over to the school and told everyone about how he made his "idiot" hat.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Fall Pictures

Sorry- I couldn't get all the photos on one post. Here is round numero two. Our nephew Brian came over to help us carve pumpkins. It was fun,but I don't think he was as excited as everyone else. The last picture is from the carnival at the school. kevin sure confused some of the little kids, dressing up as Santa Clause, they thought it was a Christmas party...funny.

Fall Photos

I love Fall! I think it is my favorite season of the year. I love taking the boys on walks, I love sitting on my couch and looking outside, and I love grabbing a sweater to put on when I go out. Oh, and I also love baking all the wonderful smelling food that goes along with Fall time. I thought you all might enjoy some random pictures we have taken this season. There are some from the pumpkin patch, some from fishing with dad, and of course, some more from Halloween....Enjoy!! I think Tyler is strangling Jay in the first picture.

Tyler loved the Pumpkin patch

Kevin's first trip to a pumpkin patch

I don't think Jay knew why we were there

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween-Why does it have to come once a year?

Some of you may know that I am not a huge fan of Halloween. I actually enjoy sitting at home and handing out candy,but the dressing up,having my kids change their minds about their costume every week,and trick-or-treating in 20 degree weather I could do without. However,since I try to be a good mom,I go along with the whole shabang every year. Tyler decideed way back in August that he was going to be Superman for Halloween. So I went out and got him his costume in like September. Two days before Halloween he was throwing a fit that he had to be a Ninja Turtle-thank you Saturday Morning cartoons. He didn't win the fight though,he was still Superman. Once we got to the carnival at the school and all the high school bays were telling him how cool he was, he seemed to be better. Jay on the other hand could care less what he is for Halloween, so he got a hand-me-down costume from my sister. He was a tiger, and was actually pretty happy about it. Since we live in a really small town, we only had to go to like eight houses to trick-or -treat. They give you so much candy at once that your bag is full in like 15 minutes-it's great. I also tried making doughnuts for the first time this Halloween. My good friend Karla's mom always made doughnuts on Halloween, and for some reason I can't celebrate halloween without them-thanks Gaye! Usually I just buy them,but this year I went all out. My boys loved them!! I should have taken some pictures-oh well. Kevin says I have to make them often now-we'll see.