Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vacation pictures-Part two

So here are some pictures from the second part of our vacation, where we went to visit Kevin's family in Bonners Ferry,Idaho. That's way up in the northern part of Idaho and it is so pretty and green, somewhat like Gresham. We love going to visit there, and Keith (Kev's brother, who is in college) even came for a few days while we were there. We had a great time going to Silverwood, the theme park in Coeur D'Alene. Kev's sister Kim, who lives near Spokane came and played with us there for a few hours, it was so much fun. However, the next time I go to a theme park I will hopefully not be pregnant so I can ride all the fun rides. Not that the kiddie rides weren't fantastic, but you can't beat a good roller I right?
We also got to spend a day at Kev's parents cabin by the river. It was a beautiful day, and the boys had fun riding four wheelers with dad and grandpa, Kevin loved fishing, and I had a great time sitting on the porch reading while the boys played in their wading pool. (The river was WAY to high to play in, or they could have gone swimming.) Later that day we roasted hot dogs and made some smores. A fun time was had by all.
The rest of the week was spent visiting with family, and spending some time at the city pool.
Too bad we won't be able to travel to our home-towns again until who knows when.

An awesome carousel ride with the boys

Ty on the airplane ride (this was the favorite ride of both the boys)

Kurt and Keith before the train ride started...see how excited they are?They do this fun train ride at the park where you drive around the whole park and they do a mock train robbery. It's a pretty fun train ride, although kind of long.

Kurt and Keith half way through the train ride...I told you it was long

Aunt Kimmy and the boys having a good ol' time

The cabin

Tyler playing in the pool

And Jay playing in the dirt...of course

Kev taking a ride

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Vacation pictures.....At last

So I am finally getting around to posting about our super-long vacation we had last month. I may only post part of them for now. The idea of going through ALL the pictures and posting about EVERYTHING is a bit intimidating right now. So... we'll see what we get to today. But don't fret, anything that is not posted today will be posted shortly....promise.
The first leg of our trip was to Gresham to visit my family for a few days. pics from that.
After a few days in Gresham we headed to the Oregon Coast for a week. My grandparents have a house over there, so as long as I can remember my family has been taking summer trips (and winter, fall and spring) to Lincoln City. I love going to the beach and it is so fun going there with my family now. It's great to see my kids playing in all the places I used to play, and getting excited over all the things I used to love. So even though the weather there was less than ideal,(It was so windy and cold most days) we still had a great time. Kevin's family even came and stayed the night one night while they were in the area for a vacation of their own.

The boys and I enjoying a rare sunny moment on the beach

Tyler and Jay checking out some tide pools at the "Underseas Garden". (Usually we like to look at the real tidepools on the beach, but the tide was never low enough to see anything great, so we went for the next best thing.)

Some pretty starfish

We went to Newport one day and there were some sealions resting on the docks enjoying the sun. Kevin and his brother Kurt trying to put together a kite. After they got it together we figured out there was no kite string with that was pretty much a bust.

Aunt Kimmy building a sandcastle with the boys.

After our week at the beach we headed back to my parents for another four or five days. We had fun spending time with my grandma, and my great uncle Bob who was visitng from Colorado. We spent a day having a picnic in the Gorge and going to Multnomah Falls. And the boys loved swimming in my grandma's pool.

The cousins enjoying the pool at Grandma's house
Jay-man getting ready to go swimming

Beautiful Multnomah Falls

Kevin and the boys at the Falls

My mom, Emily, Tyler, My great-uncle Bob and my grandma enjoying some ice cream at the falls.

That will have to be it for now. I will post the Idaho part of our trip next time. Sorry about all the pictures...but that's why you look at the blog, right?


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