Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boise Weekend

We went to Boise last weekend for a quick trip. My parents and brother were going to be there for a wedding, so we went over and met them for a fun weekend. It went fast, but was a lot of fun. We went miniature golfing, did some shopping, went for a walk around a pond that was full of ducks and geese, went swimming, and just hung out in the hotel. Two of my neices also drove over with my parents, so it was fun to have some cousins to play with as well. Alexis mini golfing. However, she gave up after the third hole because there was a giant Tiki Man at the 18th hole that would shoot fire and make a loud noise if the person got a hole-in-one. She was a little terrified of the thing and spent the rest of the time crying on grandma's shoulder.

Ty mini golfing. Sorry it's sideways, i forgot to change it and now i can't get it to delete.
Alyson golfing. She actually got a hole-in-one on this putt.
Me and my mama enjoying the beautiful Boise day
Jay chillin' with dad

Tyler, Alexis and Alyson on our walk. They thought this tree was a good place to pose for a picture.

The kids watched "Monster House" one night. Alexis had never seen it before, so this is Tyler trying to comfort her during the "scary" parts.

On the way home, we decided to stop and see Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. It was a beautiful place and also a great place for the boys to get some of their wiggles out.

Shoshone Falls

On a side note, we got a call from my Grandma while we were in Boise saying that my Grandpa had passed away. And although he had been sick for a long time, and certainly had fought a good fight, I will still miss him alot. He was such a great grandpa, fun to be around, always had a good story to tell, and always a big part of my life. I will miss seeing him sitting in his recliner eating peanuts and watching the news, miss the smell of coffee in the mornings when we would stay the night at his house, and miss calling grandpa whenever I had something exciting going on in my life. I love my grandpa and will always have a special place in my heart only for him.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tootie update

I have had several people ask me for an update on our dog Tootie. She was actually doing fairly well on the house-training thing, and then she kind of relapsed. She is starting to drive me a little bonkers, What with the climbing in the garbage can, running around with my laundry, hiding all of Jay's sippy cups, and biting people's toes. However, it is little moments like this that make me keep her around longer.
After fighting with the dog, and complaining about her all day, Tyler asked if she could go to bed with him. I told him sure, and ten minutes later this is how I found them. Pretty cute. However, I was quick to move Tootie and put her in her crate for the night. I didn't want to wash dog pee out of the comforter...again. But that was washing out of Jay's bedding before. The bottom bunk is a lot easier to jump onto. Needless to say, we now keep the bedroom doors closed. The door closing started because of her need to climb up INTO the box-springs on the bed. No hole to climb up through? Apparently not a problem...she makes her own.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


It took Kevin and I THREE HOURS to put this together last night!! Thank goodness for teamwork....and an electric drill. Now the boys are happy and Ty thinks he is pretty darn awesome sleeping on the top bunk. Getting Jay over his love for his crib may be another problem, though.
I also have a few random pictures from the week. ENJOY!!

Jay is sick....again. Between conference and being sick, he hasn't been to nursery for a month.
Tyler wanted to have spiky hair for pre-school the other day. I humored him and let him go. I think he figured out it wasn't all that cool when a kid asked him if he liked his hair that way. At least we shouldn't have to deal with that request again.

Jay's version of peek-a-boo. He was looking out the back of this hat and peeking at people and saying "Boo". We have some unique children.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa come to town

Last week was Kevin's brother's Spring break. So him and Kev's parent decided to come for a visit. It was a lot of fun. We went bowling, Kev's other brother Keith met us for lunch in Pocatello, one of his other brothers from Utah came down for one night and went fishing with Kevin. And then on Sunday the boys, Kev and i went to Layton to visit Kevin's sister that was there for a mission reunion. We got to see a lot of family in a short amount of time and it was great. One of the hardest things for us is being so far from family, so we love these visits (even if there is not much to do in Bancroft). I didn't get many pictures-but here are some.


The newest chapter of the Bancroft Bike Gang