Thursday, January 22, 2009

One Month

Cameron was one month old on the 18th. I can't believe how fast it's gone. He has grown so much already, and I am happy to say he has finally figured out his days from nights-hooray!!

New Pet?

We've had this gigantic grouse hanging around our house lately. The dog even goes out to chase it, and it still hangs around. He better watch out before one of the neighbors decides to get the best of him.

Adios Uncle Kurt

Kev's brother Kurt left for his mission on New Years Eve. He will be in Mexico for the next two years. We'll miss him and are already waiting for him to come home.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas '08

We had a fun Christmas at home this year. We were happy to not have to drive anywhere, especially since we had a brand new baby. My parents and my sister Kristi came to spend the Holiday with us and give me a little help when I got home from the hospital. The help was greatly appreciated and I was so sad when everybody left. Tyler thought he had the best Christmas ever because we got a wii from my parents. Him and Jay also wanted marble works and lincoln logs. Lucky for them Santa gave them marble works, and grandma Ruth gave them lincoln logs. I love having toys around that my kids will actually play with. They also got some other things like books and clothes that were not nearly as exciting as all the toys. Kev and I bought a new couch a couple of months ago for our Christmas present, so we just went low key on Christmas morning. It was such a great day and my kids loved having grandma and grandpa around to celebrate with. It was also great to have a new baby around and get to spend our first holiday with him.
My three boys by the tree
Making gingerbread houses with grandma cindy

Could his smile be any bigger? Seriously?

Papa and the boys

Building marble runs with dad

Three things I wish

I was just sitting here thinking that I am wishing for a few things this week.

1.) I wish my Tyler and Jay would stop their constant fighting with each other.
2.) I wish Cameron would learn the difference between night and day so I can sleep during the night and not be so darn tired during the day.
3.) I wish it was still Christmas break so Kevin was still home with me to help me keep my sanity.
(oh, I also wish my dog wasn't so crazy, and that Ty would start walking on his feet instead of his toes, and that my mom was still here to help me at my house and let me take a nap when I wanted, and that there wan't so much snow here.)
Am I being a big fat whiner? Oh, be it.