Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween lasts all week long

We had a whole lot of Halloween activities this week. There was the carnival at the school, Tyler's class pary, and our church party/dinner. I think that everybody had fun at all of the parties and of course the boys are so excited to go trick-or-treating tonight. I will post trick-or-treat pictures later. My awesome dessert for the church party. The spiders are chocolate covered brownie bites and they were TASTY. But a bugger to put together.
Carving pumpkins

Don't let these pictures fool you. They were totally staged and I ended up cleaning out the pumpkins. (Kevin won't even do it)

Ty as Spiderman ( I think he missed the memo that it was cool to be Spiderman like THREE years ago. But he thinks he's cool, so we play along.)

Jay as a boxer...I love this look. He is looking pretty tough here.

Kristi's Wedding

My oldest sister Kristi got married on the 10th of this month so we headed over to Utah for her big day. It was so nice to not have to drive forever to get to a family member's wedding. A nice little three hour drive and we were there. As always it was fun seeing family and we are so happy for Kristi and Lance. I did not get too many pictures of the happy couple so here are some other randoms from that day.Kristi,Lance and my parents My boys

Ty lost his first tooth that morning in the hotel. He was so excited and proud and kept telling random people that he lost a tooth that morning.
My boys and me with my daddy-o and my Grandma Holwege

Tanya and myself. So excited to be waiting around and having our pictures taken