Monday, November 30, 2009

Kevin's Birthday

Kevin's Birthday was the day before Thanksgiving this year. We were headed to his sister's house that day, so his celebration was in the morning. He opened his presents in the morning and we left for Idaho Falls shortly after. We got to meet up with some old friends for dinner that night and had a great time with them, then we had some birthday cheesecake that night with some of his family. Happy Birthday Kev!

Tyler and Dad being silly at breakfast. A birthday toast.

Kev's new sweater that looked horrible on him...back to the store it went.

His new Seahawks hat...I forgot to turn the picture..sorry

New winter boots...he is so super excited!

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Taurean and Jenn said...

I love all the animated pictures. You guys are too funny. Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Birthday to Kevin!!